225 Dick Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301

  • The Sandford House

    The Sandford House

    In 1941, the Woman’s Club purchased the Slocumb House but later renamed
    it the Sandford House. The Club opened the doors to the home and provided suitable
    living quarters for unmarried working women flooding into the city at the time.

  • The Baker-Haigh-Nimocks House

    The Baker-Haigh-Nimocks House

    The Woman’s Club purchased the home in 1966.

  • The Oval Ballroom

    The Oval Ballroom

    In the mid 1950s, the Woman’s Club of Fayetteville
    renamed the now freestanding room as The Oval Ballroom
    and moved it to its current location on Heritage Square.

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The historic Sandford House and Heritage Square gardens are yours to rent for special events!

Imagine making your entrance from the grand stairway in The Sandford House main foyer or gliding across lush green lawns to your true love waiting for you beneath the gazebo. Graduations,  family reunions, bridal showers, birthday parties, and baby showers. Perhaps your organization needs a beautiful, formal place to meet and dine. 

The historical complex called Heritage Square is the perfect place for an old fashioned Southern celebration. Call anytime to schedule a tour and see the possibilities for your special occasion. 910-483-6009

Welcome to the Heritage Square Historical Society's Christmas Tour of Homes!

For the past 15+ years this has been Heritage Square Historical Society's main fundraiser, however this year it is our GIFT of JOY to Fayetteville.

Christmas Tour of Homes


Donations are appreciated and will be used for the maintenance and care of Heritage Square.
Traditionally, tickets have been $20/individual and were the most significant fundraiser to help with the preservation of the historical structures at Heritage Square.

This year, we invite you all to watch as a family and request a suggested donation of $25/family.
As the Heritage Square Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your donation may be tax deductible  

To learn more about membership and get involved with the Heritage Square Historical Society, check out: https://www.heritagesquarefay.com/membership 

Featured on the tour are:

Heritage Square Sandford House and Oval Ballroom, 225 Dick Street
These historic buildings available for event rental - a perfect place for weddings!

Prescott & Susie Godwin's home in Forest Lakes

John, Lacy & John Parker Kells' home in Forest Lakes

The MacPherson House Bed and Breakfast, 701 Hay Street

We'd like to thank the following contributors:
City View Magazine
Cool Springs Blooms
Debbie Bender Design - MacPherson House decoration
Paul Reichle III Pianist
Kaitlyn & Madalyn Thiriot Violinists
Dr. Gail Morfesis, Video Narrator & VP Heritage Square
Joan Blanchard, Docent Sanford House
Jonathan Hornby Productions